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AI- and genomics-driven discovery is revolutionizing medicine. Celmatix is bringing this revolution to women’s health—a market estimated to be worth $32B by 2020—to address a large unmet need in the industry.

Our pipeline

our pipelineour pipeline

A discovery engine a decade in the making

For the last ten years, Celmatix has leveraged its technology, datasets, and multidisciplinary expertise to uncover the molecular drivers of female reproductive health.

Now, Celmatix Biosciences is leveraging these insights to identify and validate women’s health therapeutics more broadly, with AI-driven efficiency.

discovery enginediscovery engine

Women’s health is ripe for transformation

Before 1993, when the NIH mandated that clinical research include women and minorities, such research was typically carried out almost exclusively on men. Though an important first step, that mandate didn’t erase under-representation, nor did it require researchers to incorporate gender differences into their hypotheses, study designs, or even the reporting of their results.1,2 As a result, women’s health still lags behind other disease areas.

Endometriosis impacts 1 in 10 women, yet it can take up to a decade to diagnose, and treatment options are limited 3

Both endometriosis and PCOS are about as prevalent as diabetes, yet they combine to receive just 2% of the federal funding dedicated to that disease 4, 5

Fewer than 45 percent of animal studies on anxiety and depression use female lab animals 6

Heart disease is the number-one killer of women in the US, yet only a third of clinical trial subjects in cardiovascular research are female—and even fewer studies report results by sex 7

Drug discovery for a global audience

Today, over 225 million women in low and middle-income countries have unmet needs for better contraception. While existing hormonal contraceptives have been an important pillar of promoting women’s empowerment globally, for many women they have also been associated with health risks or side effects that contribute to reduced utilization. With funding support from the Gates Foundation, Celmatix will investigate its genomics platform capability to identify and prioritize promising novel targets to primarily support female contraceptive drug discovery.

Efficient discovery is a high-value problem

Taking a drug from target identification through commercialization takes an average of 10 years and $2.6B. This expensive, time-consuming process is also incredibly uncertain, with only 10% of drugs actually making their way from phase I trials through regulatory approval.

Innovative pharmaceutical companies are leveraging new technology and deep domain expertise to identify the highest-quality targets early on. While these approaches are industry-leading today, they will be table-stakes for companies hoping to remain competitive in the future.

We de-risk the entire R&D pipeline

Our deep knowledge approach—augmented by data science, AI, and true domain expertise in women’s health—has uncovered the molecular basis for multiple diseases. With this as a starting point, we can identify and validate targets with incredible efficiency, while leveraging multiple data streams to minimize the risk of off-target effects.

The result? Fewer failed drugs at every stage, faster time-to-market, and exponential gains in the cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical R&D.

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