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The Fertilome test is the world’s first multi-gene genetic test for reproductive health
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Celmatix is a next-generation women’s health company transforming the way women and their physicians leverage genomics and data to make more informed, proactive reproductive health decisions.

Our vision

Celmatix is committed to empowering women with genomic insights about their fertility and reproductive health.

Our products

Celmatix is dedicated to advancing women’s health by leveraging all available innovations in technology with data and genomics. Our research-based products help clinics optimize patient outcomes and improve the patient experience.

Fertilome genetic test

The Fertilome test is the world’s first multi-gene genetic screen that reveals what a woman's DNA says about her reproductive health and fertility potential. This next generation sequencing panel reveals factors significantly associated with the most common reproductive conditions in women.

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Polaris is a real-time predictive analytics platform that helps fertility clinics streamline the onboarding experience, create tailored patient treatment plans and counsel patients through key inflection points.

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Data-driven discovery

By applying big data methods to proprietary clinical and genetic datasets, Celmatix has developed an unprecedented understanding of human reproductive function. These discoveries are driving a revolution in proactive fertility management.

We have built the world’s largest clinical dataset on fertility treatment outcomes.

We have identified over 5,200 unique regions of the human genome that impact a person’s fertility potential.

We founded the Personalized Reproductive Medicine (PReM) Initiative, a groundbreaking research alliance of leading academic institutions and fertility treatment centers across the United States, to investigate what an individual’s genetics and other metrics say about his or her overall fertility. The PReM Initiative's goal is to revolutionize how infertility is diagnosed, treated, and eventually, prevented.


23andMe and Celmatix have embarked on an ambitious research collaboration to improve infertility outcomes.