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Celmatix is a personalized medicine company focused on women’s health.

We leverage predictive analytics and genomics to create products that bring greater clarity to the treatment of infertility and pave the way for proactive fertility management.


Powered by our novel research discoveries, our products help women make informed decisions about their fertility and provide doctors data-driven tools that complement their patient care.


Harness the power of your clinical data to optimize fertility outcomes

Polaris is a cloud-based digital platform that helps fertility clinics leverage the power of their clinical data to optimize patient management and counseling.

The platform’s HIPPA-compliant features facilitate accurate patient data collection during intake, streamline the initial consultation, and drive better outcomes by allowing physicians to leverage predictive analytics in guiding patients through the most optimal fertility treatment journey.

The Polaris Platform includes:

Polaris Patient Portal

A secure, user-friendly system that improves the new patient experience by eliminating paper-based intake and consenting.

Polaris Clinic Manager

A digital dashboard of new patient information that streamlines the initial patient consultation by allowing the physician to review patient data before the first appointment, make modifications in real time, and automatically generate progress note summaries, which can be used for referring physician letters.

Polaris Treatment Navigator

A real-time predictive analytics engine customized for each clinic’s unique outcomes and metrics. The Navigator feature allows physicians to create personalized fertility treatment plans and better counsel their patients through key treatment milestones and decisions, including:

  • Initiating treatment

  • Persisting after failed IVF cycles

  • Transitioning from IUI to IVF

  • Utilizing PGS for embryo selection

  • Continuing treatment using donor eggs

  • Choosing multiple versus single embryo transfer

The Polaris platform builds physician-patient trust by bringing greater transparency, confidence, and personalization to treatment recommendations.

Next year we will be integrating our Genetic Test for Fertility into our Polaris models, paving the way for Personalized Reproductive medicine.

To learn more or to schedule a demo, please contact us.


Over the past five years, Celmatix has been developing an unprecedented understanding of reproductive function in humans by leveraging data science and genomics. We believe that both major advances in the treatment of infertility and the ability of women to proactively manage their fertility will arise from the intersection of big data and genomics.

  • Identifying the relationships that are currently hidden inside the vast amounts of clinical data recorded by doctors.

  • Identifying the genetic and sub-clinical factors that may encode or influence a woman’s fertility potential.

  • Our scientists are the first in the world to:

    Develop predictive models that dynamically calculate personalized likelihood of success over time, with and without treatment, now and in the future.

    Identify genetic variants underlying previously unexplained cases of infertility, including IVF non-responders.

    Reveal that up to 25% of IVF patients discontinue treatment while they still have a good likelihood of success

    Observe that mutations in pathways related to egg quality appear to predominate in patients failing IVF for unexplained reasons.

    Demonstrate through a cost effectiveness study that most people would benefit from initiating IVF sooner.

    Define the regions of the human genome most likely to encode a woman's fertility potential.


    Personalized Reproductive Medicine Initiative

    Celmatix is proud to have assembled the leading academic research institutions and fertility treatment centers in the U.S. to work together as part of the Personalized Reproductive Medicine (PReM) Initiative.

    PReM’s goal is to leverage big data and genomics to better understand the reproductive challenges faced by millions of people around the world. These insights have the potential to revolutionize how fertility difficulties are diagnosed, treated, and possibly prevented.

    Through the efforts of this renown group of health professionals, personalized medicine will soon be a reality for any individual searching for answers about their reproductive health.


    • Genetic biomarker discovery and validation study
    • Prospective validation study of our predictive models in a clinical setting

    To learn more about joining the PREM Initiative or about our research studies, please contact us.


    Founded in 2009, Celmatix is a New York City-based personalized medicine company that leverages big data and genomics to create products that bring greater clarity to the treatment of infertility and pave the way for proactive fertility management. We are 40+ people strong in the heart of the Financial District.



    Celmatix’s team includes a diverse group of world-class professionals and scientists, including those with backgrounds in bioinformatics, statistics, and data science.

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    Celmatix is currently recruiting talented and accomplished individuals to join our Research & Development, Product, and Marketing teams. If you don't see a specific role below, please email with your resume and a cover letter that highlights the key skills you would bring to our growing team.


    Links provided to download when available.

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