Transforming the fertility journey

A web-based data analytics platform to help optimize patient management and counseling

Learn how the physicians at Seattle Reproductive Medicine are focusing on the patient experience with Polaris.
With Polaris, we've been able to reduce the time previously spent reviewing medical history and, instead, use the consultation to build a stronger connection with our patients, resulting in greater physician-patient trust.”
— Alan Copperman, MD, RMA of NY

Platform features

  • Polaris Treatment Navigator

    A powerful visual counseling tool that complements a physician’s treatment recommendation and leverages powerful predictive models to provide an immediate “second opinion”.

  • Polaris Patient Portal

    A secure, user-friendly portal that starts by collecting new patient information electronically and then guides the patient through the rest of their treatment journey.

  • Polaris Clinic Manager

    A digital dashboard that gives clinics real-time insights on patient behavior and clinic activity.

Polaris engages with the patient, makes them part of the process and provides them with a sense of control. Polaris has changed the way we do our first visit appointments… for the better.”
— Francisco Arredondo, MD, MPH, Aspire Fertility

The Polaris advantage

Polaris can help streamline the entire clinic team - from call centers and front office staff to nurses and doctors - giving clinics more time to focus on the patient.


  • Eliminates the fuss of printing, mailing, and scanning paper-based intake and consent forms
  • Helps identify the patients who are ready to initiate treatment and reduces no-shows
  • Gives physicians more time for treatment planning by giving them earlier access to medical history
  • Automatically generate progress notes based on patient and physician provided information
  • Simplifies communication across the clinical support team
  • Gives patients access to data-driven personalized reports and educational materials, reducing the risk of misinformation, patient discontinuation, and shortening the time for follow-up calls and questions
polaris platform

Treatment Navigator allows physicians to create personalized treatment plans and better counsel their patients through key treatment milestones and decisions, including:

Initiating treatment

Persisting after failed cycles

Transitioning from IUI to IVF

Utilizing PGS for embryo selection

Continuing treatment using donor eggs

Choosing single versus double embryo transfer

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